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A Grizzly Bear watching adventure

Planning a trip to Western Canada made me thinking about to go for a Grizzly Bear discovering opportunity and I started to "google" for information about local bussiness offering such guided tours ...
Western CanadaWe had planned a trip to visit British Columbia, visiting Vancouver, Banf and Jasper National Park to then going up in northern direction to catch the Inside Passage from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Going deeper in the material found on my Google research i found out that Vancouver Island might be the best place to go for such a Bear discovering adventure. They are also offered from the mainland, but following our original trip plan and studying the variety of offered activities i focused at two different services at the end.

Not knowing anything about both I decided to contact them via email and make my final decission on which to go with about their answer. Bald Eagle

Unfortunately both answered quick and very freindly and therefore it was not really to decide about the speed of their answer. Both answers were very details and gave a better idea about their trip and both were spiced up with a lot of personal tips and hints. The only difference was that one of the businesses offered a refund in case the trip could not take place for any reason on the booked date, while the other was offering to do the tour a day later then.

Being on a schedulded trip with not endless time to stay waiting for the weather conditions become better or not for example this was the point I made my final decission about. The reservation was made very easily by email and the deposit was done by creditcard and I really liked to receive a confirmation letter a few days later.

Nearly 8 month later on the day before the planned trip we left the BC Ferries Ship at Port Hardy stayed at a Motel and tried to call the business :-/ ... without success!

Ok, why should we worry?! Staying up the next day was very early around 5am. After a short breakfast we did take the car and drove the last 50km to a very tiny little place called Telegraph Cove and were very suprised to be already awaited at the parking lot. :-)

We quickly entered the boot to catch up with two other couples coming from the Netherlands, Karen a student from the Univeristy of British Columbia studying biology and working part time for the business and Howard our tour guide to immediately leave the harbor to drive to the mainland to finally head into Knight Inlet. Karen & Howard

During the boat trip to the Knight Inlet we saw a lot of wildlife such as sea lions, seals, dolphins and bald eagles and burned down the time by getting familiar with all others. While we found out about we were a very funny crew alltogether we had already reached the Knight Inlet river mouth at the main Island and right as ordered we discovery a black bear couple searching the beach for mussels by turning nearly each stone.

Following the river we saw the one or other more black bear. Just the expected Grizzly were just missing!

As for the tour arrangement was with lunch we anchored at a love beach with lots of grass spots to sit down and relax and enjoyed the delicious stuff Karen and Howard served us until no one of us were able to eat something anymore. And!!!! right we we were ready to enter the boat again the long missed Grizzly Bear entered the beach on the most far away spot. Howard slowly moved the boat into it's direction and the Grizzly did not take much notice about us. So our perfect picnic was topped by the possibility to study one of those magnificent out in it's natural surrounding. It was a femal really not the biggest one ever but we were able to see her strolling abround searching for food for nearly an hour. And while strolling around the bear came even closer to the boat. Right like she would like to study this curious strangers herself a bit.

After this encounter with "OUR" bear is was already time to head home and as the latest highlight of the day Howard stopped at a lovely Marina inviting us all to an icecream for us being able to celebrate Canada day with him - a details no one of us visitors was really aware about anymore ....Grizzly Bears
As said I had contacted two businesses and even I think the other one would have done similar good for sure I really would like to recommend the business I had chosen to go with as an excellent choice:

Howard Pattinson
Tide Rip Tours Ltd.
Toll free 1-888-643-9319
Fax 1-250-339-6294
Web: http://www.tiderip.com/
Phone: 1-250-339-5320


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