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Preventing seasickness is easier than treating it. Once you are seasick, queasiness may continue until you return to solid ground. When you begin to experience even the mildest of seasickness symptoms - clammy skin, slight sweating, stomach awareness - immediately try some of the following methods.


  • STEP 1: Try an anti-seasickness wristband, which sends an electrical current to the median nerve in your wrist, a well-known acupuncture point.
  • STEP 2: Wear special glasses designed to prevent seasickness.
  • STEP 3: Suck on lemon drops as soon as the boat begins moving.
  • STEP 4: Position yourself where the least motion is felt, usually mid-deck.
  • STEP 5: Take deep breaths and stare out into the distance. Focus on the horizon, not on waves or moving objects.
  • STEP 6: Avoid eating or drinking.
  • STEP 7: Stay busy and keep your mind occupied on other things. Sometimes this will help the brain ignore the "motion messages" being sent from the inner ear.
  • STEP 8: Talk to your doctor about prescribing a mild sedative, like phenobarbital, or an anti-nausea drug like dimenhydrinate or prochlorperazine. If you are already vomiting, take your dosage rectally.



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