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End of july we visited Conil de la Frontera.

Leave your pullovers and jackets at home and fill the free space in your luggage with sun milk, more sun milk and of course after sun milk.

My daughter enjoying the sea


The beach from aboveBecause of the permanent wind you don't realize the power of the sun ... until you wake up next morning. The first things be bought there were two umbrellas for the beach – our best friends there.

The beaches are much better than the crowded once at other spanish coasts. Fine sand goes flat into the sea with nice waves for children and adults.

 The south of the coast near Tarifa (the southernmost city in Spain) is a paradise for surfers and kiters.

And I've never seen such a lot parking areas near the beaches.


Ok, they are not all „german standard“. So if you want to have you relaxing vacations a little bit more relaxed, hire your car with a full insurance included. A spanish car without dents is like a black „white horse“. It doesn't exists.

Spanish Traffic Sign


But if you search an adventure, water sport and parking experiences may be not enough to fullfill your requirements. One thing I tried to do was a race with my trolley against a Porsche Cayenne on the motorway ... but as seen on the photo it's forbidden to enter the motorway with a trolley.


The white villages are nice to seeWhat a pity!



The white villages are nice to see and to saunter through the small alleys gives you a first impression about what you can see on the other side of the street from Gibraltar. From Tarifa you can reach Tanger in 35 minutes by ferry boat.


The landscape itself is in July not that one you want to see of your eyes are familiar with the color green. I've no glue how the cows and bulls can survive on their yelow-brown meadows. They might have a lot of fun on one of the golf areas here – looking like oases in the dessert.


A look behind

Up on the hill

This part of spain is ideal for relaxing and watersport if you like ... but for nothing else in my mind (that's good, I will come back). But complete the holidays the food is very tasty. The breakfast is simple and to get a dinner before 9 is a challange. But boquerones fritos, patatas bravas, calamares, albondigas and other typical spanish dishes are worth waiting on it.


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