Sailing from Japan to OZ

By Rod Flannery, Australia

8th to 24th May 2003  Yacht Funnel-Web
Chi Chi Jima - Brisbane

The whole thing started months before I got the call from Sib. Ivan was getting his boat built with the intention of going in the Melbourne to Osaka Race. I had told him a few times that if he needed someone to bring the boat home with him, then I was available.

Copyrights © 2007, Rod Flannery, Australia

Final Comment: Now that we know Rod as a writer,
his story is offered as a downloadable PDF this time!

An Arial Tour

An Arial Tour of Florida's East Coast
by Peb Elliott, Florida

Cessna I was invited to take a ride in a Cessna for a short trip up the East Coast of Central Florida, so of course I took my camera with me.

I'm constantly amazed at the quality of photo I can get out of such a little point-and-shoot camera! Read More...


Heading off!Ever Considered Cruising?

by Colleen Conway-Clement, Canada

Is your idea of cruise ship vacation a bunch of retired people playing shuffleboard and going from buffet to buffet? If so, think again! Read More... 

St. Johns River

The St. Johns River

by Peb Elliott, Florida

The St. Johns river starts in the marshes just a short distance south of my hometown of Melbourne, Florida. The river then slowly winds it's way about 310 miles north to Jacksonville where it flows into the Atlantic ocean.

Sailing to New Zealand

1999 New Zealand Saling Adventure … almost ...

by Rod Flannery, Australia

I won't even try to catch up on a day to day basis for the last month. So much has happened and I will just cover it as it comes to mind. Read More...

Lord Howe Island

Bird view of Lord Howe IslandLORD HOWE ISLAND, New Year 1993

WRITTEN 26/1/95 by Rod Flannery, Australia

This really starts sometime around mid 1993. Sandra and I were on our boat one night and we were talking to my friend Ivan. We were all having a few drinks and discussing things at random. Read More...

Bear watching

Grizzly BearGrizzly Bear Watching

A Grizzly Bear discovering adventure.

Planning a trip to Western Canada made me thinking about to go for a Grizzly Bear discovering opportunity and I started to "google" for information about local business offering such guided tours. Read More...

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