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Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light)
by Rainer Willems

A Look Behind

End of july we visited Conil de la Frontera. Leave your pullovers and jackets at home and fill the free space in your luggage with sun milk, more sun milk and .. .


A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day
by Michael Lohmar

Barke to Fraser Island

Heading off from Rainbow Beach during the morning, taking the barke to Fraser Island was easy doing. Weather was fine and low tide was expected in at 11 a.m.


How is it going?

How is it going?
by Michael Lohmar

Toyota LandcruiserHaving just arrived back from a trip to the Red Center, I am able to look back to a variety of exciting times we had there.
Visiting places like Alice Springs, Glen Helen, the famous Kings Canyon and finally, Ayers Rock and The Olgas were both exhilarating and breathtaking.

In the end, our time there was short, but very special. Read More...

Any Addictions?

Addicted to Sea, or to Mountains?
by Michael Lohmar

Col de la BonetteWhen asked about their personal favorite vacation, people seem split on the question.

I guess the majority will immediately answer, the sea: sunbathing, relaxing, easy living or just indulging into the luxury of a fancy

5 star hotel with a great sea view is what I'm going for. Read More...

When an insect bite

Bear in mind the story is quite old but did happen to me
by Petrina Clarke, Melbourne, Australia


When 25 year old Petrina had a chance to visit South Africa, she jumped at the chance to experience a new culture and unique adventure what she didn't expect was an encounter with a human parasite that could have been deadly.

Snorkelling with turtles

5-star luxury on your own desert island
by Jon Connell, Bluntisham, England

Sea Turtle How does a tropical island so small that you can walk around it in around 5 minutes sound?
What if you got a cosy and comfortable bed on the edge of the beach?
What if I threw in your own chef?

And snorkelling with turtles just off that beach of yours? Read More...

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