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What are World Heritage Sites?

Cultural Heritage Sites, such as Kathmandu Valley in Nepal or the Archaeological Sites of Troy in Turkey represent masterpieces of creative genius, outstanding architectural structures and examples of traditional human settlement. Similarly, Natural Heritage Sites such as Grand Canyon National Park in the USA or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia highlight major stages of the Earth's life, the geological processes that develop landforms as well as examples of ecological and biological evolution or habitats of threatened animals and plant species.

A list of World Heritage Sites, designated by UNESCO, can be found at www.unesco.org/whc.

Get Involved
Many of the sites listed by the World Heritage Centre are currently under threat, so UNESCO's mission is ongoing.

You could be one of thousands of those who contribute their time to restoration, conservation and research projects at UNESCO World Heritage Sites each year. You could excavate dinosaurs in Argentina, patrol the shores of the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve in Ecuador or dive along the Great Barrier Reef to help AIDS research and threatened coral.


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