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Lord Howe Island - New Year 1993
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It wasn’t long and Ian turned up driven by the Park Ranger girl. It appears she shared a house with her brother and he was a very large person and Ian had felt a bit uncomfortable when the brother had arrived home. We got into the dinghy and I rowed out to the yacht, it was about 5 AM and the sun was nearly up.

I should mention two other things here. One was Jodi, she had driven me mad all bloody night. It had only been about 10 PM New Years Eve, the previous night, when she asked me when we were all going back to the boat. I told her at the time not to be silly it was not even midnight yet. Not long after she asked again and this went on all night. I told her at one stage that she was free to go back as there was a spare dinghy but this was no good.  She wasn’t capable of rowing out by herself, so she just had to abide by our timetable, too bad.

The other thing was Colin. He had managed to endear himself to half the population on the island in no time flat. He was going to parties and BAR B Q’s every night and apart from the night we arrived didn’t spend a night on the boat till we left. He conned a night at one of the lodges on New Year and spent a few nights sleeping in the long grass near where we kept our bikes. He even spent a night sleeping under the hot air exhaust fans from the diesel generators that provided electricity for the population. He said it was a good place as it kept the mosquitoes away and was warm.

Ian was a character. Later that day we were on the boat for lunch and while we were eating we were watching a girl on one of the yachts about 80 metres away. She was perhaps 17 years old and definitely a mermaid. A few people including the girl spent the afternoon snorkelling in the waters not far from our boats. Ian, holding his sandwich walked right off the side of the boat fully clothed. We were all in stitches he was so funny.

One of the days we all went for a glass bottom boat tour, run by Clive’s son. We had heard about a fresh water spring under the lagoon called The Comets Hole but we didn’t know where it was. The glass bottom boat was great and we all managed to go snorkelling on the reef.

After that we came back and to our surprise we were moored not more than 100 metres from the Comets Hole and the best snorkelling around. No need to wonder why the people off the other boat we swimming around near the boats. After that we spent quite a bit of time just snorkelling near the boat.

We also went on a walk up to a lookout called the Goat House, which was a cave about 400 metres up the side of a cliff. The walk was not so bad but the last bit was done with ropes and this did not cater to my fear of heights very well. Ian, Ivan and Colin all went that little bit further around the ledge to get a better view but Rosalin and I just stayed near the rope counting the view we already had as adequate. Which in fact it was more than adequate, it was spectacular. We could see the whole eastern end of the island.


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