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1999 New Zealand
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The following is the transcript of the log we kept for the duration of the voyage.

New Zealand here we come

26/10/99 Tuesday 7am

  • S 33.04.674
    E 152.29.407
    Light north easterly winds, poled out headsail, goosewinged
    Spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out date and what day it was.
    Saw a stack of dolphins
    Steak for dinner.

27/10/99 Wednesday 8am

  • S 33.15.122
    E 154.44.844
    150 miles
    10 knots, North, overcast.
    Stormed last evening. Charley gibed the boat and laid it over. None of it his fault, gave us some interesting moments.
    Good lightning show, torrential rain.
    Added more and more (all) reefs during night.
    Ivan didn't like his dinner and so threw his peas all over the wall?

27/10/99 Wednesday 5pm

  • S 33.15.200
    E 155.30.700
    188 miles
    10 knots, light winds overcast
    Found a small flying fish on deck. Quite a few birds. Some big birds like Albatross or something.

28/10/99 Thursday 7am

  • S 33.33.215
    E 156.03.290
    Speed 2.5 knots
    218 miles from Newcastle
    Boiled egg breaky.
    Suns out. Rained all night, very heavy. Need more wind.
  • 10:30 am
    Suns out, wind light on nose doing 3 knots.
    Took reef out of main. Charley repairs Genoa turning block.
    Seen heaps of great big birds.

28/10/99 Thursday 5pm

  • S 33.17.500
    E 156.32.700
    No wind, no wind, no wind. Idled along all day on autopilot.
    Lots of blue bottles - some rubbish.

29/10/99 Friday 7am

  • Good sail overnight. Rodney saved the day with a tin of creamed rice.
    We had to gulp it down as a big black cloud appeared from nowhere.
    It was a fizzer. Seen dolphins.

29/10/99 Friday 5pm

  • S 33.37.100
    E 158.19.670
    Speed 3.4 knots
    331 miles
    South winds 10 knots
    Flat ocean. Odd fluffy cloud. Spectacular day. Light winds.
    MPS up all day. MPS tack wore through.
    To New Zealand (Three Kings Island) 691 nm
    Solitary albatross around on and off.
    Ivan had us in stitches, telling us about his staffing woes.
    Charley reminiscing about his days on a freighter.
    1 reef main + MPS. Reaching all day.

30/10/99 Saturday 8am

  • S 34.07
    E 158.57
    Speed 5.2 knots heading 120 degrees
    Beautiful day, light N/easterly puts it on the nose.
    Charlie put last nights cross on the chart in the wrong place, so this morning,
    instead of having the excitement of seeing us move ahead, we had to rub his cross out,and our new cross was behind where Charlie's was.
    It was suggested maybe the chart was wrong, not Charlie.
    Full main, Genoa and "staysail' for effect.
    Sardines for breakfast, Charlie refused these because of the smell,
    and ate his biscuits dry. Rod was here to organise weevils for him.
    Auto pilot steering as plenty of sun for the solar panels.
    366 miles from Newcastle
    655 to New Zealand
    156 Miles to Lord Howe Island in the north

30/10/99 5pm Saturday

  • S 34.36.387
    E 159.45.452
    Speed 5 knots
    Wind N/east 15 knots most of the day
    3 reefs in main. Charlie spliced some ropes.
    Auto pilot most of the day
    Most of the day on 120 degrees, now on 90
    To Newcastle 411
    To New Zealand 612
    51.5 nm to 7am 30/10

31/10/99 7am Sunday

  • S 35.00
    Speed 7.8 knots and flying along
    489 miles from Newcastle
    537 to Three Kings Island
    236 to Lord Howe Island
    513 miles is half way. We should do this today
    Spirits are high with speed.
    2 reefs in main, stay sail out, Genoa reduced to hanky.
    At least no rain.

31/10/99 5pm

  • S 35.11.800
    E 162.46.800
    Speed 8.4 knots
    Lunch, Plate Du Jour 'Salad au cans'
    Repaired water tap in galley
    Wind 16 knots at NNE, overcast
    To Newcastle 570 NM
    To NZ 457 NM
    24 hour distance 159 NM

01/11/99 8:30am Monday

  • E 35.33
    S 164.50
    A bit late today. Helmsman to busy and everyone else asleep.
    Wind 20 knots from N/East. Overcast.
    Speed 7 knots, seas 2 metres on 3 metre swell.
    Saw a whale just on dusk yesterday. It ran with us for a while.
    Some sort of pilot or killer whale. Saw a flying fish this morning.
    Over night looks like we've cracked the skeg and rudder on hull plate,
    don't think it will be a problem
    Wind increasing 25 hours for 179 nautical miles.
    To Newcastle 668 NM
    To NZ 363 NM

01/11/99 5pm

  • E 35.26
    S 165.44
    Winds easing, seas moderating.
    Course 60 degrees, speed 6 knots
    3 reefs, inner headsail and furled gib.
    Dolphins turned up for a short stay
    Water now increasing through skeg.
    Saw a ship 'Cape York' at 2:45 at E 35.30, S 165.28,
    going from Cook Straight to Melbourne
    Charlie called him on the radio. We even had to change course to avoid him.
    They blew their horn and waved.
    Bilge pump handling water.
    To Newcastle 709 NM
    To NZ 319 NM
    24 hour 140 NM

2/11/99 7 am Tuesday

  • S 35.21
    E 167.15
    Winds light N east 5 knots.
    Speed 2.5 knots
    Full main and genoa
    Muslie for breakfast
    Calm night. Charlie saw a boat and proceeded to watch it climb into the sky.
    Called us and we thought it looked like the moon. SS Moonship.
    To Newcastle 782
    To NZ 245
    24 hour 118 miles
    Hot showers all round and fried eggs and ham. 2 rotten eggs thrown to fish.
    Melbourne cup a bit of a fizzer.

2/11/99 5 pm

  • S 34.59
    E 167.37
    Been going one week!!
    Overcast, bleak, little wind and right on the nose.
    Mainsail up and motor just idling. 3 to 4 knots. On autopilot. 28 miles today. Grrrr!!
    24 hour 96 miles
    To Newcastle 798
    To NZ 255 miles
    Bearing 69 degrees, track 51 degrees

3/11/99 7 am Wednesday

  • S 34.11.500
    E 168.23
    Wind S/east, 28 knots showers
    Bilge pump still a problem.
    Sighted merchant ship last night, bound for Melbourne.
    Called him up (Italian), passed to north of our position.
    Steak and lentil minestrone for evening meal.
    24 hour run 89 NM
    To Newcastle 832 NM
    To NZ 190 NM
    Bilge pumps packed in after three days solid pumping. Now full time on buckets.

4/11/99 6:30 am Thursday

  • S 33.44
    E 168.44
    Inevitable, we are going to sink. Pumps no longer handling water.
    Bailing with buckets.
    Approx 7 am we had a meeting and decided to let rip with the Epirb.
    Its only a matter of time before we are in the raft. Est 10 hours.
    Seas horrendous. Water pouring in stern

4/11/99 10 am

  • Had soup waiting for rescue.
    If the right boat comes with pump we may be able to save her and tow her in.
    Motor is running charging batteries for radio etc.

5/11/99 Friday

  • Night spent on 'Sagami'
    People incredibly friendly
    Captain Korean, 1st and 2nd officers Japanese, crew 28 Philippines
    Language difference is fun.
    Cook complaining, 3 recipes and now 4 with Australians.
    They keep bringing us beer and mineral water.


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