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1999 New Zealand - final comments
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  • I received a call from Charlie this afternoon. He was back from New Zealand and had some photographs to show me.
        • They were of the boat and of the rescue ship, taken from the Orion.
        • They were very good and I have scanned them to disk.
  • Charlie didn't end up getting a Hercules flight from Christchurch to Auckland, he caught the train and a ferry and then another train. Sounded like a fun trip.
  • When he got to Auckland he went to the air base and saw two of the guys from the Orion.
  • He got the photos and also an email address. I will endeavor to get the video that the crew of the plane took.
  • Charlie told me, that on the morning of the rescue, the winds at the air base were over 40 knots and the runway was a flood. They were in doubt, whether they could get the plane off the ground.
  • To clear the runway, they ran a Hercules up and down the runway to try and dry it out a bit.

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