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A Perfect Day Out On Fraser Island.
by Michael Lohmar, Germany


Barke to Fraser Island Heading off from Rainbow Beach during the morning, taking the barke to Fraser Island was easy doing. Weather was fine and low tide was expected in at 11 a.m.

Driving along the beach Leaving the barke at Fraser’s was about entering the world’s largest and famous beach, and driving along on it was pure fun.
The Island is very green and there are a lot of freshwater creeks coming directly out of the bush ending in the sea.


So driving the beach is great fun, but also one must always keep an eye on the area in front of you watching for these creeks, bumps and other unexpected surprises now being better exposed by the disappeared sea water.

One and a half hours later we reached the wreck of this old Tassie ship that was stranded on that beach in early 1935, still making it up to a very well and popular photo stop for all visitors to Fraser Island. Having coffee and Lamingtons there, when the buses with the "one day" visitors had gone again, was nice, and the decision to head first to Eurong Beach and leave the baggage there for we’d have an empty car to cruise the hinterland of Fraser Island was one of the best we ever made.

Lake McKenzie So early in the afternoon we headed off again directly entering the bush close to Eurong Beach to make a 4wd trip to Lake McKenzie. The conditions of the tracks are changing permanently and driving them I got the impression that Fraser Island is the best Adventure Theme Park for boys and their big toys someone hardly can think about. Boys I can tell you, it’s a real must-do!!

Going along the tracks through the forest means both, increasing your adrenalin level because of being excited and thrilled, and permanently having the feeling that you are an actor in the famous movie Jurassic Park, half expecting a T-Rex to be lurking right behind the next biggest tree, waiting for you to become his next meal.

Lake McKenzie looks like a white and blue-ish jewel, surrounded by the gorgeous green of the forest and I reckon on really no one has been able to stand the tempation to pull off his shirt and jump into its sweet, clear and much refreshing cool water for a swim.

Being there for a while means forgetting about time and everything else and so leaving it again was also a bit about feeling sad that something very nice would end.

Famous wreck on Fraser Island But anyway the more off-road tracks around needed to be driven and the incoming tide again offered us the challenge to drive the beach back to Eurong against time again, by taking the small risk of getting bogged and perhaps trapped by incoming water.

spectacular Panorama So reaching Eurong Beach again was quite relaxing and cooling down and a pleasant evening with lots of delicious things to eat not to mention a good dry red wine: the final highlight of an overall perfect day on Fraser Island!

One perfect day behind, another ahead....
Now that’s nearly what I would like to call Heaven!! Try it yourself!


 Curious, I’ve recognized that I have started to mimic myself now going in shirt, shorts and thongs for days…. Could this mean something?!

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